Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Eve

 It's finally Christmas Eve. 

Just for fun, here is the reading of Twas The Night Before Christmas 2020 Edition as imagined by Matthew West...

On a more serous note - I'm not sure how you are going to celebrate this year. I will be at our annual candlelit service at church (beginning at 5:00 PM for those who would like to attend). This is my favorite church service of the year. I know that a lot of  people will not be able to attend a Christmas Eve service this year because of the pandemic, but I pray that you have a way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. 

The resounding theme of Christmas Eve is hope... I think sometimes that Christmas gets in the way of Christmas. Are you following me? Sometimes the celebration of Christmas causes us to take our eyes off of the true hope of Christmas. Christmas is a time when we often indulge ourselves in gifts and extra things we don’t necessarily need. And sure, they bring us joy for a moment, but they don’t satisfy our hearts in the way we wish they would. It is because they are a replacement for the real hope that is Jesus.

We have featured a lot of great new Christmas songs about hope over the past couple month's but here are some that are worth another listen this Christmas Eve. 

First, Matt Maher tells us that there is "Hope For Everyone"...

A song that is probably most relevant this year is "The Hope of Christmas" by Matthew West..

Another great new song about hope is "Hope Is Here" by Building 429...

However you are celebrating this Christmas may you have hope. Trust in the promise that God will make all things new (Romans 8:20). That creation will be changed.  Satan, sin, and death will be forever cast away. This is a hope that no other present can replace. May your Christmas grow in the hope of a coming Savior.

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