Thursday, January 7, 2021

Kindness & Peace

Last night, Sidewalk Prophets released their song "The Comment Section" which had previously only been seen as part of their live concerts. In light of yesterday's events they decided to release this video. This is what they have to say in the email that they sent...

Be kind at all times. This is a song about all about kindness and the lack thereof. Kindness seems so small. It’s a word we push aside in favor of words that are full of sound and fury, but signify little to nothing. But, kindness is powerful, defiant and strong. I’d argue that it takes more effort, more strength, and more power to be kind in the face of opposition than to plunge head first into battle. So when you awake tomorrow and look back on the news of today, I hope you simply do just this one thing:

Be kind.
Be kind when no one is looking.
Be kind when the world is watching.|
Be kind when you have no idea what to do.
Be kind even when you know you’re right and they’re wrong.
Be kind when it’s free and easy.
Be kind when it costs you everything.
Be kind behind your mask, the one you wear today.
Be kind behind your mask, the one you’ve worn for years.
Be kind to the point that the world points and laughs and calls you names that hurt.
And then, be kind to those that call you those names.
Be kind when you see their tune change.
Be kind even when you think they will never change.
And never forget the 3 keys to ultimate success
As Mr. Fred Rogers once softly, sagely said,
“Be kind, be kind, be kind.”

Be kind unto another, tender-hearted forgiving one another, just as God, for Christ’s sake, has forgiven you” - Epehisians 4:32 


Also,  Steven Curtis Chapman released a new song last night in response to the day's events, "A Desperate Benediction.". In his own words...

Words can’t describe the sadness that I feel as I watch the events currently unfolding in our country. I’m so heavy hearted at the brokenness and division that we are witnessing and experiencing in our world today, and I am processing in the way most natural to me as a singer-songwriter: with a song. I actually started writing this song about a year ago with my brilliant songwriter friend Tom Douglas, but have been waiting for the right time to share it, and I feel like now is that time. Now more than ever before, it seems like the soul of our world (& our nation) is aching, longing and desperate for PEACE. Whoever & wherever we are, I’m convinced that at our core we are all brothers and sisters crying out for the same thing, what the bible calls “shalom”... a Hebrew word meaning peace, harmony, wholeness, completeness. And ultimately, I believe that true peace...the peace that transcends all understanding and guards our hearts and minds...comes from the Prince of peace, Jesus Christ. So it is with a heavy yet hopeful heart that I share this new song with a prayer...a cry...a Desperate Benediction for all of us....praying for peace, and praying that it starts with me, with you, with each of us.

(Thank you to my son Caleb and daughter-in-law Jillian for joining me on this song.)

Peace be with you,

Peace on the mountain peace in the valley
Peace on the bulls on wallstreet and the lost sheep in the alley
Peace on the painted desert down the Mississippi river
Peace on the takers and peace to all the givers
Peace in the blessing and the curse
Oh let there be peace on earth
Oh let there be peace on earth

Peace on the lovers peace on the leavers
Peace on the doubters and peace on the true believers
The star in the spotlight…the fearful in the shadows
The divers in the deep end and drowners in the shallows
For all I’m not and for all it’s worth
Oh let there be peace on earth
Oh let there be peace on earth

Peace on the poor man peace on the king                                   
The radio flyers and the broken wings
Let there be peace let there be peace on
The babies being born and the roses on the grave
The losers the winners the fearful and the brave
We’re all brothers and sisters crying to the Father for

Peace on earth Peace on earth
Oh let there be peace on earth
Oh let there be peace on earth
And let it start with me
Oh let it start with me

I believe that kindness and peace are two things we should all be praying for!

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