Thursday, February 21, 2013

Proverbs Chapter 21

There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan
   that can succeed against the Lord.

No, it didn't take me until the end of the chapter to find a verse for today, I just decided to 'switch it up' and start reading from the end of the chapter this time.

This proverb struck me as one we need to remember as Christians in a society that is increasingly becoming antagonistic to our beliefs. In fact, it really seems that those who oppose God (and what He says in the Bible) are gaining the upper hand.

Appearances can be deceiving !

Our men's group is studying the book of Revelation right now. The message of Revelation is the message of Proverbs 21:30. It doesn't matter what anyone can to do God or His people. In the end, God wins!

This proverb also has an application on a personal level:  It tells us that when we try to 'force' something that isn't God's will... we will not like the outcome.

God's blessings,
Pastor David

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  1. This chapter covers sooooo much. Interestingly, there are several repeats or rephrasings in it.

    Vs.2 and Chapter 16 vs.2 say basically the same thing.

    Vs.9 and vs.19 use different examples to say the same basic thing. Vs.9 also repeats in Chapter 25, vs.24.

    Obviously, these proverbs are important enough to be repeated and rephrased.