Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Proverbs Chapter 23

This is the chapter we read through together in church as part of the Sunday sermon.

In this chapter God - as He does throughout the Proverbs - warns us of the consequences of caving in to a bunch of different temptations. It strikes me that the vast majority of things that tempt us to sin are not bad in and of themselves. Food, money, other people, sex, wine are all listed in this chapter. Each of those are things God has given us to enjoy and benefit from (when used the way He designed). Satan, on the other hand, tempts us to "live for" these things instead of simply enjoying and using them according to God's plan.

God has designed us to "run" best when He is the thing we live for - when He is the fuel that powers our lives. Satan loves to mess up our lives by deceiving us into thinking that God's good gifts of money or other people or wine or sex or food or _________ (you fill in the blank) must to be what we live for - our fuel - instead of God. Trying to "run" your life on any of these other things is like pouring water in your gas tank and thinking your car will run better on that than on gas. Silly us!

Reading the Proverbs every day is one great way to be reminded of what really works - and what doesn't.

God will bless your reading!

Pastor David

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