Tuesday, March 5, 2013

John 11:1-16

There are so many things in these verses that are worthy of comment. Here are just a few:

1) Mary & Martha set an example for us: In time of distress, simply 'send word to Jesus.' (Like the little boy in the pic is doing) He knows what to do.

2) Jesus refers to death as "sleep." A reminder both of the temporary nature of it for believers and of the ease with which Jesus can raise someone from the dead. No tougher than waking someone from sleep.

3) Thomas always gets the 'bad rap' of doubting. In fact, most people probably think it's his first name. But here he displays a very bold faith, willing to go to Jerusalem and die with Jesus. Thomas strikes me as being like all the rest of us - possessing a very bold faith one minute and then questioning what we believe the next.

God bless your reading,
Pastor David

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