Thursday, May 28, 2020

See The Light

Not a new song, but TobyMac recently released a new video for "See the Light" with the help of some friends, including his daughter and his Pastor. This was a good song two years ago when it was originally recorded, but the words take on a relevant meaning in our current troubled times.
Some things will never be the same
Some things are only for a season
And just the thought of letting go
Well, it’s brought you to your knees
Oh, but if you can make it
You can make it through the night
I can promise that the sun is gonna rise
You wake up just a little bit stronger
So, hold on just a little bit longer
To the people who are struggling, maybe emotionally down, or maybe dealing with issues larger than you can handle... God sees you in this place. "You've got more than you on your side and we gon' see the light."

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