Friday, August 14, 2020

Flashback Friday

For this week's musical time machine journey we take a look at another band that was a huge influence in the 90's, the NEWSBOYS. The Newsboys are another Christian rock band from Australia (seems to be quite a few Christian artists from down under) that was founded in 1985.They have released 17 albums, 6 of which were certified gold. 

The 1992 album, Not Ashamed, gained them notice in the CCM world, then in 1994 they released the album, Going Public, which had a huge hit with the song, Shine, which won the 1995 Dove Award for Rock Song of the Year. Here is a performance of Shine:

They followed this success with their 1996 album Take Me To Your Leader (and title song of the same name) that was hugely popular and nominated for a Dove award as Rock Album of the Year.

In spite of their success in the 90's, the Newsboys are not another group from the 90's that disappeared. Arguably, their best years have been after 2000. Since 2009 their lead vocalist has been Michael Tait (formerly of DC Talk). They are still popular and continue to produce hits today... songs like God's Not Dead, He Reigns (which we play in church), I Am Free, and We Believe, to name a few. They have also  appeared in all three of the God's Not Dead movies.

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