Tuesday, August 18, 2020

New Music Releases

NATALIE GRANT will release her tenth studio album, No Stranger, on September 25, 2020. A new track from the upcoming album, “No Stranger,” was recently released.

Written by Grant, her husband Bernie Herms, and songwriter Paul Duncan, “No Stranger” explores the intimacy of a God who identifies with the human experience. “You are no stranger to the scar / So You can have my wounded heart / You weren’t protected from the pain / So You can hold me when I break,” Grant sings, backed by the lush strings that define her latest project.

“In the last few years, through deep valleys and victories, my awareness of God’s presence in my life has awakened like never before. It’s not like He became more available, I just became more aware, and that has changed everything,” Grant shares of the personal significance behind “No Stranger.” “The King of the world, the Author of time and space, makes Himself personally known to me. This everlasting God, the Alpha and the Omega, He is no stranger. He is friend.”

BRANDON LAKE debuted another new solo track along with an accompanying music video. "Just Like Heaven" follows “I Need A Ghost” as an early glimpse at Lake’s highly anticipated Bethel Music solo debut, House Of Miracles, slated for release later this summer.

"I've never written a song like this, nor have I produced the sound it carries," Lake said of "Just Like Heaven". He continued, "A sound that says I'm done - done trying to fill the void inside me with anything but the Spirit of God. I don't need flashy lights. I don't need smoke or mirrors. I don't need to be entertained to feel alive. I need something stronger - stronger than lightning. I need it in my bones. I need it in my veins. I need the ghost. The Holy one. The Holy Ghost."

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