Monday, March 15, 2021

Let Go Your Troubles

Last Tuesday, Sidewalk Prophets released another video from their concert at the Ryman promoting their newest album, "Let Go Your Troubles". This song carries a great message about worry.

In the release from SWP...

"Let Go Your Troubles” is a song that makes us smile!  Over and over again, the Bible tells us not to fear. In fact, there are 365 verses in Scripture that command us not to worry—that’s one verse for every day of the year. 

Worry is worthless. Fretting about something that may never even occur can rob us of what is happening now. While it’s important to face our fears, plan for the future, and dream of what’s to come, we will never live deeply if we let worry take the wheel. 

We have talked about worry in the past. Worry doesn’t solve problems. It doesn’t keep bad things from happening. It doesn’t motivate you or help you cope. Yet we still continue to worry. I know I’m guilty of worrying. It’s so easy to get caught up in worry. We worry about finances, our health, our family, our jobs, what other people think, and what the future holds.

Over time, worry can start affecting your daily life. Doctors and psychologists will tell you that worry is bad for you, both mentally and physically. Chronic worrying can interfere with your relationships, job performance, appetite, sleep, and lifestyle. Medical science even tells us that chronic emotional stress and worry can trigger many health problems, such as suppression of your immune system, short-term memory loss, heart disease, digestive issues, and even heart attack. Mentally, worry can lead to anxiety and depression.

What does God have to say about worry? He commands us not to do it. The same God who tells us in the Bible not to lie, not to kill, not to commit adultery is now telling us in the book of Matthew that we are not to worry. It’s a command – one that so many of us have difficulty following.

Worry doesn’t just hurt us (just look at all the negative physical and mental effects of worry), but it also hurts God. Why? Because worry is the opposite of faith. When we worry, we are telling God with our actions that we don’t trust him to come through for us. We’re doubting that he will take care of us. When we stay up at night worrying about a problem, we’re essentially telling God, “I don’t have faith that you are going to take care of this problem for me.”

Ask yourself this question: When did God ever fail you?

The solution to worry is talking to Jesus. Telling Jesus about our worry. Laying all of our burdens right down at his feet. Cast your cares on Jesus, then you need to leave them there. God wants us to leave our worries with him. To have faith that he’ll come through. To stop bearing the burden of worry because we have faith that he will always take care of us, in every situation.

Whatever you’re worrying about right now, God wants you to cast that worry on him. A life if worry is not one God wants for his people. It hurts you, and it hurts Jesus. He wants to take your worries from you. And he wants to give you peace. So, Let Go Your Troubles...

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