Monday, July 20, 2020

Be The Moon

I had previously talked about Chris Tomlin's upcoming new album, Chris Tomlin & Friends that is due to be released on July 31st.. On Friday, he released another new song from the album called Be The Moon featurng country singers Brett Young (platinum selling artist of In Case You Didn't Know, Mercy, and others ), and Cassadee Pope (of The Voice fame).

As Chris explains:
"What I have said to each artist that is on this project is that the idea behind, ‘Be The Moon,’ is the heart of this record. The moon is not striving to be anything; it just puts itself in the right place and reflects the light of the sun. It's the same for us, we have no light of our own but reflect a greater light, the light of God. This is the essence of Christianity.”

“Singing with me on this song are two friends of mine, Brett Young and Cassadee Pope, who are both incredible artists. What I found out about Brett, like many of the artists on this record, is that he was brought up in the church leading worship in his youth group. All those incredible harmonies you hear in the song, that is all Cassadee Pope. I am so grateful that they are both on this song with me because I really feel that their hearts reflect the idea of the song.”
If you listened to the message at church yesterday (or watched the video on our website), this song is a perfect representation of how Pastor Dave talked about being a good example in how we represent Jesus. This a great song about reflecting a greater light... Gods' light...
I wanna be the moon, up among the stars
Fly around the world, lighting up the dark at night
I'm nothing without the Son's amazing grace
On everything I do
If You're shining on me, I'm shining right back for You
I wanna be the moon
Lord, I wanna be the moon for You

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