Monday, July 27, 2020

New Music Releases

There were several notable new music video releases last Friday...

We The Kingdom released a new song called "No Doubt About It" from their upcoming album Holy Water that will be released on August 7th. In their own words: "This song is about the journey of life. It can be discouraging to look ahead and see all the mounds of brokenness we have to overcome in order to be whole. But when we look back and see how far God has brought us, it fills us with the courage to keep on pressing on towards the goal."

Our favorite songwriter/storyteller Matthew West just released the official music video for "Truth Be Told" from his recently released album, Brand New. "This song is an honest attempt by me to be, well, honest. Authenticity is easier said than lived," West shared on social media when speaking about the inspiration behind his new song. "I think deep down we all like the idea of showing who we really are, warts and all, to the world. But allowing others to see the rough-around-our-edges, is a scary thing. What will people think? How will they judge me when they know I’m anything but perfect?" West added, "The crazy thing is, the truth is already told when it comes to God. Scripture says nothing in our lives is hidden from Him. For someone who hasn’t discovered the freedom of grace, the thought of a God knowing about the worst parts of your life can really freak you out. But to understand that there is a God that sees every secret sin, every struggle, every thought, every mistake, and loves you still- that is a freedom like no other."

Both of these videos are worth watching, but the video I'm going to feature today is from Charlotte Ave,  a new group that I introduced to you a couple weeks ago. Listen to the beautiful harmonies on this classic hymn:

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