Friday, July 17, 2020

Going the Distance

Another Flashback Friday... Taking Contemporary Christian Music back to the 90's... the days of long hair, flashy outfits, and mullets. A couple weeks ago I featured Steven Curtis Chapman and his hit song The Great Adventure. That song was cowritten by a close friend of Steven's, Geoff Moore. Check out this video of Steven and Geoff performing another great song that they cowrote, Listen To Our Hearts in 1993.

Geoff Moore and his band, the Distance were one of my favorite CCM groups in the 90's. Geoff was raised the son of a steel worker in Flint, MI and was a classmate to the future lead singer of Whiteheart (which we will probably feature in a future Friday). Geoff was introduced to the CCM industry by Michael W. Smith when they met at a clothing store at which Geoff worked. 

Geoff released several albums in the mid-1980's, and really became successful in the 90's after forming his touring band, the Distance. Geoff Moore and the Distance got their first real Christian radio exposure in 1992 with A Friend Like You and followed that with Grammy nominated albums Ev-O-Lu-Tion in 1993 and Homerun in 1995. There were lots of memorable radio hits off these albums like Evolution Redefined, The Vow, and Life Together. Here is one hit that I thought I should feature (this one is for you, Pastor Dave)... 

In 1998 Geoff Moore and the Distance disbanded and Geoff began a solo career that continues to today. I got to see them in concert in the late 90's and the highlight of the evening was when they ended the night with When All Is Said and Done... this song, which is really a prayer, remains one of my favorites today.

Here is a great interview video about the life of Geoff Moore and what he is doing today.

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