Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Raising Cain...

Okay... I know, corny title... Today I want to introduce a band that very few people know about called Cain. This self described "preacher’s-kids-growing-up-in-Alabama, sharing-one-room-all-their-lives, touring-as-a-family-band" consists of Taylor, Madison, and Logan Cain.  They have toured across the US, but just recently started producing Christian music. Their first EP (extended play release) with 6 songs was released this spring and they are are scheduled to tour this year with Zack Williams and We The Kingdom (if this tour resumes this fall we will probably hear more about them, but of course that is all still undetermined).

Cain has some nice songs with good harmonies and an easy listening style that is reminiscent of the 70's pop sound. If I were asked to describe them, I would say imagine the 70's soft rock band, BREAD with sibling harmonies playing Christian themed songs.

The songs on the EP are worth a listen... "Rise Up", "Yes He Can", and "The Commission" are all good and I encourage you to check them out, but perhaps my favorite is Revival:
There are days when I wake up 
And My faith is cold and tired
The light feels so dim
It’s not like me just to give up 
So I’m bringing you my dry bones
Breath in me again 

Need that wind to start blowing
Need these eyes to be opened 
Need my heart to keep hoping
So I’m calling out 

I need a revival 
Feel you moving in my soul
Give me that fire I haven’t felt in far too long 
Holy Ghost come awaken
Bring me back to the days when 
Wonder working power
Was alive in me
I need a revival, revival, revival

and here is the story behind the song "Revival"...

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