Wednesday, July 1, 2020

New from Chris Tomlin...

On Friday Chris Tomlin announced that his newest album, "Chris Tomlin & Friends" will be released on July 31st. Chris stated:
"The project has been unbelievable and unlike anything I have ever done before. The relationships, friendships, and the collaborations have been a gift. For me, the best part is that everyone created this together to bring glory to God. Since I was young, I have felt a calling on my life to help give people a voice to worship God.  I want people to have the opportunity to worship every day of the week not just on Sundays; while they are in their car, at work, running, or just listening to whatever shows up on their playlist. For me this record is a step towards breaking down the walls of the Christian genre and allowing the music to be accessible to a wider audience.  That's my understanding of the Gospel. Music about faith, God, salvation and forgiveness doesn’t belong to any one category... it is for the whole world. I hope this music touches your life the way it has mine..."
 To announce this new album, Chris has released two music tracks from the album. One is a collaboration with country artists Thomas Rhett and Florida Georgia Line called Thank You Lord. This is a catchy song in a country style, but I think my favorite so far is the song he performs with Lady A called Who You Are To Me. The words have real meaning:
Some people think Your distant just some words on a page
That You're nothing more than fables handed down along the way
But I’ve seen You part the waters when no one else could pull me from the deep
That’s who You are to me
Some people think You just live in cathedrals made of stone
But I know You live inside my heart, I know that it's Your home
And I’ve seen You in a sunset and in the eyes of a stranger on the street
That's who You are to me
Listen and let me know what you think:

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